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Hospitals Access Control Checklist

Crowdsourcing insights and ideas for a secure healthcare.

About this checklist


This crowdsourced, independent checklist supports hospitals in the improving the protection of staff, patients, visitors, medicines, equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. during crises such as pandemic outbreaks.

Access control is a crucial instrument in hospitals’ strategies to maximize physical safety and security. The current outbreak impacts access control in many ways.

Some examples: 

  • Entire departments and buildings are transformed into new, secured areas.
  • Standard rooms and departments are turned into IC units.
  • Waste and laundry become contagious goods and must be secured.
  • Goods and equipment like mouth caps and oxygen bottles suddenly become invaluable and disappear.
  • Temporary morgues demanding additional locations
  • Resources are being re-allocated between departments with new authorizations.
  • Security staff is on-site to protect secured areas while hospitals aim at the opposite: avoiding the presence of people that are not involved in primary healthcare tasks.
  • New routing and logistics are created on the fly.
  • The risk of aggression towards medical staff increases with stricter rules and lack of IC capacity, leading to more stress among patients and their relatives.

We believe that hospitals and their stakeholders should have access to shared and independent information that supports an adequate access control strategy.

This approach will improve hospitals’ safety and security, accelerate decision making, and save precious time and budget for primary healthcare tasks.

The Hospitals’ Access Control Checklist is for anyone who is  involved in improving hospitals’ security.

This checklist will be updated regularly with on-going contributions from experts from around the world.

Let us know if you want us to keep you informed on updates with occasional emails.


This checklist provides guidance to all individuals and parties involved in assessing and improving access control in hospitals:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Security managers
  • Facility managers
  • Security consultants
  • System integrators
  • Technology providers (access control, digital locking, key systems, video, control rooms, building management, etc.)
  • Resellers
  • Installers.


The benefits for all stakeholders are clear:

  • Improve hospitals’ safety and security.
  • Accelerate decision making.
  • Save time and budget for primary healthcare tasks.


Please help us build this checklist by adding your ideas, commenting, and/or sharing it within your networks.

The list is non-exhaustive but will gain value along with your contributions.


Experts from within healthcare and our global access technology industry have the know-how, networks, experiences, and creativity to share.

That’s a massive source of experiences and ideas that we join into this independent Hospitals Access Control Checklist.

We value your help and ideas. You are most welcome to express your support to our initiative on this page. Just send us a brief email with your contact details and company URL at .


Supporters and contributors

Allegion Plc, Dublin, Ireland

Carefull Bvda, Lokeren, Belgium

Doomtech BV, Berghem, Netherlands

Isero BV, Rotterdam, Netherlands

ISS, Linkebeek, Belgium

SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH, Unterföhring, Germany

Voskamp Beveiliging BV, Almelo, Netherlands


SimonsVoss Technologies - Hospitals' Access Control Checklist

Share Your Ideas And Help Building This Checklist

We welcome your input and we will update the checklist continuously.
You can leave your suggestions and comments below each chapter of the checklist or contact us directly via the following channels:



Connect to Hans Trappenburg and send him an DM with your ideas. 


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