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Why We Should Talk Business Now

apr 20, 2020 | Algemeen, Nieuws

By Hans Trappenburg

We’re open. The factory in Germany continues to operate, we are producing. Our delivery times have not changed. We’re meeting new customers.

It has never occurred to me to write a post about these trivialities from a reality that seems ages ago. Too obvious? Or too busy with switching to remote meetings and hunting business as usual – although that is of course a utopia.

How commercial can I be?

Now, besides the sad reports about the health of so many people, we are buried beneath a storm of financial news and economic perspectives. Close and concrete of fellow companies with factories in Southern Europe, and of entire sectors that were locked down. And puzzling abstract with IMF forecasts that pale past crises.

So it’s  not self-evident that we as a company are still fully operational. And that brings me to my point.

In the past few weeks, I have heard several business relations doubt about their tone of voice, wondering how commercial they may be in these times, and whether it is appropriate to promote your brand.

We need to buckle down

I realized we hadn’t been very clear about our situation ourselves. First of all: it is not a matter of pride for us that our company continues to operate. It is a fact, and we are grateful for it. When so many people are out of work, you can’t help but add a big shovel yourself. 

As long as you can still work in this difficult time: buckle down. As a company and as an employee. We live in a global economy that requires us to create value. That is our reality. Moreover, it is our duty to anyone who is now unable to do so and  our only way to ensure that we can continue financing that vital support.

And throw it out clearly

The fact that our factory in Germany remains open is in the first place a huge blessing for all our colleagues and their families there. But also for the entire value chain, including our customers and suppliers, in many countries.

That’s worth to work like a dog. And to throw out clearly in your messages.

If you are still unsure about your commercial tone: talk business.